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Our Generation Foundation​​ (OGF) is a Non-Governmental Organization ​​ (NGO) established by God through a Christian family in 2012. It is a​​ Non Profit​​ making​​ Organization​​ that has designed two special educative programmes for our public and private schools in Nigeria. The two programmes include:

  • Mathematics Is Simple Competition​​ 

  • “How to choose a Career to live an Impactful Life” Seminar​​ 

Mathematics is Simple Competition is created to alleviate the​​ problems students are facing in mathematics as a subject in Nigeria presently, choosing ten​​ students;​​ it will be very hard to have five of them that are sound in mathematics. This could be proven by the mathematics results release yearly by external examination bodies like WAEC,NECO,UTME etc.

Mathematics is an unavoidable subject that many students don’t really like. Many students also don’t believe they can easily solve mathematics without the use of​​ a​​ calculator. Our Generation Foundation (OGF) in our little way of adding our quota to the development of our great nation have designed​​ an​​ educative and inspiring competition tagged “Mathematics Is Simple Competition”​​ to encourage students love mathematics the more and to be convinced that they can easily solve mathematics without the use of calculator.

More than 2500 students in​​ all local governments of Ogun State​​ can​​ testify to the reality of solving mathematics​​ without a calculator. Numerous positive testimonies have been received from schools and students about the past six​​ editions of this programme. One peculiarity of this​​ competition​​ is that, the solutions to all the questions are given immediately after the examination for the students to know their mistakes and to​​ acquire​​ more skills and techniques for solving mathematics.

This competition is divided into 4 stages: Preliminary​​ Stage, Knockout Stage, Final Stage and Grand finale​​ Stage.​​ Prizes and awards are presented on the Grand finale day.​​ 

Objective Of The Competition​​ 

  • To create an avenue for the students to interact with other brilliant students from other schools. This is good because iron sharpens iron.

  • To build their reasoning skills because of the Mathematics puzzle in the question of each stage.

  • To improve speed and accuracy.

  • To serve as an avenue to learn all the topics in mathematics because there is a solution to all questions after each examination.

  • To encourage the​​ participants to hard work to achieve​​ success and to shun laziness that is the cause of examination malpractices.

  • To serve as​​ an exposure platform for the students.​​ 


The second programme tagged “How To Choose A Career In Life To Live An Impactful Life” is to meet the demand of the strength of the nation – the​​ Children, the Teenagers and the​​ Youth​​ in​​ Career Choice. Most of them are choosing career wrongly and is impacting negatively on the development of our country.​​ 

Most of our students are not choosing their career in relation to their special abilities that will make them fulfill their God given purpose. This is so because most of them are not well informed owing to lack of forum like this to educate them effectively on career choice. This is the reason for this programme in order to orientate​​ and make available the necessary information for their choice of career. There is a need for sensitization on choice of career for our young ones to enable them impact positively on the growth and development of our beloved country through their God given skills. ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 

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